American Indian/Alcoholisim

Throughout the world American Indians are viewed all kinds of ways. People now and days look at them as extinct people as if they aren’t around anymore. Although it may seem to be true, but the Indians are all over the United States. However, in the past they use to live wherever people allowed them to live. Now they live wherever they want and mainly in cities. Even though things have change for Indians from the past to present. They are stereotyped each and every day by something or someone, and have been viewed through media and even sports. The American Indians have had an addiction to alcohol, and are usually called a drunken Indian. People always want to tag a label on them, and those are the people who don’t know who they are individually. At one point of time I used to describe the as crazy people who love to get drunk. Researching the use of alcoholism and why Indians drink alcohol has changed my perception on them as a people. Researching articles about alcoholism, I found out the main reason why they use alcohol, and I found out a bunch of information about women using alcohol a lot. “American Indians have historically had extreme difficulty with the use of alcohol. At times, American Indians have made paupers of themselves to obtain alcohol. Problems continue among contemporary Indians with 12% of the deaths among American Indians and Alaska Natives being alcohol related. Use of alcohol varies by age, gender and tribe with women and older women in particular, being least likely to be regular drinkers. Indians, particularly women, are more likely to abstain entirely from alcohol than the general US population. Frequency of use among American Indians is generally less than the general population, but the quantity consumed when it is consumed is generally greater.” This quote was mainly about the women. However there is a low percentage on deaths it could be considered high, because alcohol has been portrayed that way if you don’t know how to control your use of alcohol. Although for the Indians 12% is low for them, because alcohol has been a big impact on American Indians, and it is something that Indians love to do. American Indians have been stereotyped all types of ways. During this American Indian class I have learned a ton of things about Indians and why they are continually stereotyped no matter what they do. In class we had watched a movie about American Indians. In that movie it showed the pros and cons on how the whites use to force them to get drunk just to sign things. They tried to choose the weakest in the group, because the leaders of the Indian tribe wouldn’t sign off what they wanted them to do. Watching that movie showed me how the Indians have not always been addicted to alcohol. I believe that Indians have not always had the use of funds and was forced to do things that they probably didn’t want to do. Alcoholism has been considered as a disease, and it stated how on my 3rd article. “According to a report released by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 11.7 percent of the deaths among American Indians and Alaska Natives between 2001 and 2005 were alcohol-related. That's compared to just 3.3 percent for the nation as a whole. Most of those who die from alcohol issues are men younger than 50. That group is a vital segment of the American Indian population.” Kids who come into the world as a Native Americans are known as a alcoholic right away, because of the American Indian cultures. However, Indians may not change who they are as a alcoholic, but in the end people should respect who they are and understand who they are before stereotyping them in the future.

This website states some statistics about the use of alcoholism. Also talks about their history on alcoholism. I chose this article, becuase it gave me a explanation on their history on alcoholism.
This website talked about Tohono O'odham and the Apache and how they begun alcohol. The artcle was mainly how they came upon alcholic drinks before the europeans. This was a good source to use for me, and had a good use of information that was helpful to me.
This article was about the number of deaths that was recorded because of alcohol use. It decscribed what happened from 2001 to 2005. I chose this website, because i wanted to see the number of deaths recorded from alcohol.
This website talked about how 70% of crimes occured because of alcohol. The american indians death rates for women was becoming a concern.
The article gave me a good understanding on the womens and their effect they had with alcohol.
This article talked about how the image of the drunk injun described indians. Talked about how they had no identity for themselves. Also the indians had no control over their drinking, and the injun image had a big impact on them.
The website was about how alcoholism was a death rate 3 times the average. Also how they were mainly equal as far as death on alcohol use with Alaska. This article had some good info on the average of alcoholism compared to the U.S.
This article mentioned how men were the main cause for alcohol. They used it mainly to releave stress, etc. Also men were the ones who always use drinking as something they just love to do, because of certain things that happened during their life.
This article was about how alcohlol was used as a bias. It also taklked about the two tribes named Northern Plains and Southwest tribe. This article gave me some information on these two tribes, and is why i chosed this article to learn about what these tribes effect was on alcoholism.
The website on this artice desrcibed the traits used for alcohol. Talked about the problems that occured for American Indians. This website showed me the reason why indians are alcoholics.
The article talked about why the indian used alchol. The article talked about why they should use alcohol not as a drug. The article was very brief and I feel like this can be a good use of information for me.
This website described all the statistics about american indians alcohol use. Also mentioned the age range for youth ranging from age 12 to 17. This website showed me the age range for youth, which is something I wanted to learn.
This article talked about how it was a cultural thing for american indians. Also decribed how it was like a disease for them. Also this article had a bunch of information about differnt ethnic groups and gave some statistics for each of those groups.
The article talked about the values they got from alcohol. The article also talked about how alcohol was used by the europeans to demolish indians. The europeans were dirty people they tried to do whatever they could to harm the indains.
This website talked about how alcohol was a mental disorder. Indians had got hooked to drinking all the time. the indians use alcohol like it was a hobby, and this website increased my knowledge about there addiction.
The main point about this artlcle was from 2001 to 2008. Talked about binge drinking was a big effect during that time period. This article gave me a brief explanation on binge drinking and what it meant to indians.
The artice mentioned the facts on indians genetics and culture. However, descidebed how it depends on if you are from a alcoholic culture then you will be part of that culture.
The article talked about prseident jefferson. Mentioning how he put them into the white economy. This website was a good source for me, because I didn't know that President Jefferson was apart of what was going on diuring this time period.
This website talked about how drinking was used as a tool for the whites. The whites had use this method as a advantage to get over the indians.
This article was about why the indian are alcoholics. Talking about how indians have an outrageous use of drinking. American Indians love drinking alcohol. However, in the past they use to be forced to drink alcohol by the whites.
This article was about how indians love their hard liquor. Also the article mentioned how the indians loves whisky and really dont have a taste for wine.